Sunday, 13 December 2009

End of term

Schools out for christmas so unfortunately can't get in to the studio to make presents! we are currently working on an environmental design project for Alloa. I'm planning on a playground influenced by those of the Dutch architect Aldo Van Eyck. I also discovered a playground design blog which has been very useful.

Its been quite a nice change to work outwith my comfort zone. It has also given me the time to do more drawings and get back to sketchbook work.


  1. Followed your link, incredible stuff. Some of them remind me of Gaudi's wild architecture, or Andy Goldsworthy's installations- both of which fascinate my children. I'm a potter and gardener and am attempting to make our garden fun for the kids with little bridges and "tree cubby houses" but there's so much to do and so little time..

  2. hi, just read your comment, ill upload the my final proposal for the project soon. It still has retained a playful element,though it has been stylized a great deal to appeal to the businessmen with the money!