Sunday, 28 February 2010


I had to take a week out of our new 'Indulgence' project to write a critical review of sources. So reading week was actually spent reading rather than catching up on previous projects as it normally is. So after a week of camping out at Glasgow uni library and feeling very much like the quintessential 'proper student' I handed in all 3356 words to find I only really needed to write around 1500... Oh well.
With the substantial number of publications on craft theory over the past few years I selected a few examples of British and American writing and compared them to previous texts. I divide between American and British views quickly became distinct. Where British writers tend to move away from the craft/art divide, arguing that it does exist, and it this very divide that is crafts most interesting feature, many American publications argue the Craft is Art opinion. I have reviewed Howard Risatti -A theory of craft: function and aesthetic expression, Rose Slyka - The New Ceramic Presence, David Pye - The Nature and Art of Workmanship, Glenn Adamson -Thinking Through Craft and Richard Sennett - The Craftsman.

I am aware that I am being very atlantic-centric (if that's even a phrase) I my choice and would LOVE some reccommendations on anything else you think I should be reading.

I will post the final draft soon.

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Adamson, Glenn (ed) The Craft Reader, Berg Publishing London, 2010.
Adolfy, Sandra - Neo Craft; Modernity and the Crafts, Press of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, 2009).

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Risatti, Howard, A Theory of Craft: function and aesthetic expression, University of North Carolina Press, 2007.
Sennett, Richard The Craftsman, London Penguin, 2008

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